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Zhejiang Renlong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Renlong Technology) was founded in 2003 and has been engaged in the development and manufacture of embossed bronzing molds and leather embossing molds. In 2010, the entire team went to the leather carving soft package industry, started the R&D and design of molds and equipment, research and development of raw materials, practical development of quick installation methods, and obtained 7 utility model patents for leather carving equipment, 1 equipment invention patent, and mold There are 4 utility model patents, 6 utility model patents, and 89 original product copyright designs. We mainly produce leather soft packs, embossed hard packs, new Chinese embroidery hard packs, artist embossed leather paintings, skin carving decorative paintings, spell mirror embroidered hard wrappers, new Chinese embroidery, hand embroidered embossed, handmade soft packs, Chinese skin carvings Paintings, soft-leaf doors and other products are mainly used to decorate TV backdrops, sofa backdrops, and bedside walls; R&D and production of P-panels, special engraving for skin carvings, and skin-carved soft packs combine to make the whole house The overall renovation of the leather art, construction 72 hours or so, do not need to do grassroots, no odor, environmental protection, can be installed immediately after loading, save money and worry, has been recognized by many peers and owners.

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—— Ouradvantage ——

Renlong Technology only manufactures truly non-toxic decoration materials to meet the needs of human health and comfortable life. Renlong Technology h

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    Integrity-based principle

    There are more than 1,000 products of existing skin carving soft pack products, and 10 new models are regularly launched every month. The daily output

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    Corporate purpose

    Renlong Technology produces only truly nontoxic decorative materials to meet the needs of human health and comfort.

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    You are a store

    If you are a full-house branded and integrated wall surface brand shop, using our soft leather bag as a background embellishment will increase your ov

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    You are a manufacturer

    If you are a full-house custom brand factory, and the background wall part needs a soft package, we can give you targeted research and development to

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